OCWA Research chemicals INC.



Custom Synthesis:

• Contract R & D   services in organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry and natural products chemistry.

•Intermediates of drugs, standards from Pharmacopeia, standards of impurities &   advanced   drugs used for process development.

• Custom synthesis of fine chemicals, drug Inhibitors, API related compounds & impurities, advanced intermediates, metabolites and internal standards to be used for process development, method development, validation, formulation development, biostudies, stability and QC testing.

• Process development for production of API's and advanced intermediates, and transfer process from laboratory to commercial scale.

• Isolation, purification & structure determination of sophiscated biochemical molecules.

•The contents of the client will be safely secret, if necessary, can be signed a confidentiality contract. We are always willing to cooperate with you to develop new chemicals. No matter what's the problem, we are willing to serve for you with all sincerity.